System Examinations to Seal Corruption Loopholes

08.11.2019: The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission today launched an examination of the systems, policies, procedures and practices of the State Department for Housing and Urban Development. The review is aimed at:

  1. Identifying any weaknesses, loopholes, avenues and opportunities for corruption; and
  2. Recommending actions to streamline the systems and seal the identified loopholes in order to prevent corruption and enhance the department’s service delivery.

On completion of the review, the Commission will prepare a report of its findings and recommendations which it will present at a public event to the Cabinet Secretary in charge of housing. Thereafter, department will be expected to generate an implementation plan, which should be submitted to the Commission to assist it to monitor the progress of implementation.

Affordable housing is a key milestone in the Government’s Big Four Agenda and the review will be useful in identifying loopholes that may derail efficient and effective implementation of projects in the department.

The review will be conducted in line with the of EACC’s mandate as stipulated in section 11 (1) (g) and (i) of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2011; and which states that the Commission shall:

  1. Advise, on its own initiative, any person on any matter within its functions; and
  2. Subject to article 31 of the Constitution, monitor the practices

    and procedures of public bodies to detect corrupt practices and to secure the revision of methods of work or procedures that may be conducive to corruption practices.


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