EACC Launches Corruption Prevention Audits at Bomet County Government

EACC Launches Corruption Prevention Audits at Bomet County Government

24:10:2022: The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has launched a Corruption Risk Assessment of the systems, policies, procedures and practices of the Bomet County government. The two-week audit will target both the executive and county assembly.

Launching the exercise on behalf of EACC CEO Twalib Mbarak, the Commission’s South Rift Regional ManagerMr. Ignatius Wekesa, warned against conflict of interest in staff employment, citing two counties under inquiry for irregularities in staff recruitment.

Mr. Wekesa urged the Bomet County Government to strictly follow the law in the execution of its mandate to deliver for the people of Bomet.

EACC South Rift Regional Manager Ignatius Wekesa speaking during the launch of Corruption Risk Assessment at Bomet County Government offices.

The Regional Manager lauded the County Government for cooperating with the EACC in the performance of its duties and urged it to support the Commission’s officers who are set to carry out the risk assessment exercise. He said the audit was a partnership that would help the county run its operations smoothly, as it seeks to identify corruption loopholes and recommend strategies for sealing them. “This corruption prevention strategy also seeks to enable institutions to promote ethical practices. I, therefore, urge His Excellency the Governor, Honourable Speaker, Service Board members, Members of County Assembly and Management to fully embrace this exercise,” he said.

EACC undertakes corruption risk assessment in public institutions in line with its statutory mandate to advise on its own initiative, any person on any matter within its functions; monitor the practices and procedures of public bodies, detect corrupt practices, and secure the revision of the methods of work or procedures that may be conducive to corrupt practices.

On her part, EACC head of corruption prevention Ms Neema Mkorori, assured the County Government that the exercise is not an investigation but rather, an initiative aimed at improving operational systems. “It is important to note that this is a partnership, not an investigation, to make you better both as a country and a county government,” she noted.

EACC head of corruption prevention Ms. Neema Mkorori speaking at the event.

Speaking at the forum, Bomet County Governor Prof Hillary Barchok said that the public holds his government accountable for the manner in which it manages public resources. “Therefore, we are committed to good governance and zero tolerance to corruption,” he said and urged government officers to prudently utilize the little resources that the county is currently running with.

“EACC is here in Bomet to strengthen the systems of Bomet so that the Governor and every public officer who is serving with us can be accountable to ensure that our people receive excellent services,” the Governor said.

Bomet Governor Prof Hillary Barchok giving his remarks at the launch of the EACC Corruption Risk Assessment exercise

The Governor vouched for increased supervision at collection points and automation of systems in county governments as a measure of sealing corruption loopholes. “Cashless payments ward off dishonest collectors who want to divert the money collected for their own personal use. I want to send a stern warning to any staff found culpable that appropriate disciplinary action will be instituted against them,” the Governor warned.

He further noted that his county has the potential to collect KES. 500 Million annually, against the current collection of KES. 200 Million, if all corruption loopholes are promptly sealed. “One way of ensuring that we maximize the usage of our resources is to reduce the leakages that come because of people who want to swell their pockets with those resources,” he said.

The Governor welcomed the audit as a timely move and vowed to implement its recommendations. “EACC is our partner and is here today not to find fault but to find areas where we can improve,” the Governor said. It is expected that after the exercise, the Commission will present its findings and recommendations for implementation by the County Government.

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