EACC moves to enjoin surveyors in preventing land related graft

13.10.22: The Ethics and Anti-Corruption (EACC), held a capacity-building program for over 200 professional surveyors under the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK).  EACC Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mr. Abdi Mohamud officially opened the one-day virtual training.

EACC Deputy CEO Abdi Mohamud in a past event.

Mr. Mohamud appreciated ISK for partnering with EACC in its bid to enlist surveyors in the efforts to tame the perennial challenge of corruption in the land sector. Professional bodies, he said, are vital pillars in the fight against corruption since it is their members who facilitate relevant transactions at different stages.

The objective of the program was to build the capacity of the ISK  professionals on ethics and integrity in a bid to stamp out corruption in the land management profession. The program also aimed at enlisting the surveyors in the fight against corruption noting the critical role that they discharge in land transactions.

Speaking at the forum, ISK President Abraham Samoei emphasised the need for continuous engagement and collaboration between EACC and professional bodies such as ISK to promote integrity in the execution of professional duties.

The Surveyors were taken through various thematic areas including corrupt practices in the land management profession and mitigation measures, the role of surveyors in the fight against corruption, and tools and strategies for preventing corruption in the land sector.


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