EACC launches the National Ethics and Corruption Survey Report 2023

EACC launches the National Ethics and Corruption Survey Report 2023

27:03:2024: The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has today launched the National Ethics and Corruption Survey Report, 2023 that it carried out in December last year.

Released at the Integrity Centre, Nairobi, the report provides data on the prevailing perceptions, magnitude, forms and levels of corruption in the country. It also ranks Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Counties and the findings are expected to inform diverse anti-corruptions.

The survey reveals, among others, that six out of 10 Kenyans perceive corruption to be high with five out of 10 perceiving that corruption has been increasing and that giving and receiving bribes, abuse of office, favouritism, nepotism and deliberate delay in service provision are perceived as the leading forms of corruption and unethical conduct in public service.

From left, EACC’s Deputy CEO, Abdi Mohamud Ahmed, Commissioner Colonel (Rtd.) Mshimba, CEO Mr. Mbarak, Chairperson Dr. Oginde, Vice Chairperson, Dr. Muiru, Commissioner Dr. Mutuku and Director Preventive Services, Mr. Vincent Okong’o.

It also listed the Police, Immigration Department and Registrar of Persons as government departments perceived as most prone to corruption, with greed and desire for quick services as major causes of corruption in public service.

Corruption, the report highlights, has hampered economic growth, affected living standards and increased the cost of living leading to unemployment and poverty.

Launching the report, EACC’s CEO, Mr Twalib Mbarak said that the survey had flagged the bureaucratic systems that promote corrupt practices. He revealed that the report’s recommendations have been translated into a Rapid Results Initiative drive that will include enhanced enforcement, heightened media campaign, and enhanced public engagement among others.

Mr. Mbarak called on all stakeholders to unite against corruption and promote ethical conduct in public service.

EACC’s Chairperson, Dr. David Oginde said the survey report reflects the opinions and real experiences of Kenyans while interacting with public officials. He urged public officials to uphold ethics and integrity and to practice the values and principles enshrined in Art. 10 of the Constitution.

Also present during the launch were Vice Chairperson of the Commission, Dr. Monica Wanjiru Muiru, Commissioners Colonel (Rtd) Alfred Mshimba, and Dr. Cecilia Mutuku.

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